O.M.E.M. Can Help You Organize Your Business Arena to Increase Efficiency, Improve Capacity, Lower Costs, and Integrate All of Your Departments.

We help you with grass roots, hands on, sustainable processes, action plans, and measurements that make sense for your business to be successful.

Business Improvement

Over 28 years in manufacturing covering many levels of the business with formal education in Business Management. We help businesses become more efficient and effective in the business management arena.

O.M.E.M. assists in building structure to control and lower overall manufacturing costs. We introduce multi-level monitoring to expose high risk segments and identify opportunities for increased margins. Learn More

Maintenance Improvement

O.M.E.M. can help your business become more efficient and effective in the maintenance arena. We assist, facilitate, and guide with establishing structure to control and lower overall maintenance costs while increasing asset availability, through building sound internal maintenance practices and work management processes. This includes both planning and scheduling functions, and maintenance staff interactions.

O.M.E.M. has a vast amount of experience in facilitating organizations to realizing the full potential of CMMS usage as a tool in assisting with work management and historical analysis. Even though we have an expertise with the SAP PM and MM modules and Infor's EAM EE and BE, we can also make linkages to other CMMS systems and potentially facilitate closing gaps in configuration and/or end user skills. Learn More