You can build maintenance objectives around these questions:


  • What area or asset requires the most costs and hours to maintain?



  • Are the MRO activities and inventory at optimum effectiveness?



  • Is Asset and MRO information readily available to everyone at all times?



  • Are Maintenance meetings a plant horizontal collaborated effort?



  • Is Maintenance and MRO measured for continued improvement?



  • Is a CMMS utilized as part of the improvement process?



  • Is Maintenance and Storeroom working alongside operations or merely a service?

O.M.E.M. can help you organize your maintenance arena to increased asset efficiency, improve capacity, lower costs, and integrate with all departments. We don’t offer fancy schemes or programs that fail or fade out. We help you with grass roots, hands on, sustainable foundation building that make sense for the business to be successful. Maintenance can transition from reactive firefighting of assets to planning and scheduling. Gain control over the assets and reliability to enhance production outputs. The MRO storeroom can become more efficient, organized, and capable, while reducing overall inventory. Get a return on the investment of the CMMS and turn it into a reliable tool for Asset management.

The investment for O.M.E.M. LLC to assist in reducing one hour of downtime per week could generate an ROI fairly quickly.

Use the calculator below to estimate your cost for one hour of downtime per week over the course of one year.

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