Election Year and Your Business in Mind

Election Year and Your Business in Mind
Monday, August 20th, 2012 Scott Bossart

This is a one-time shot and I will not go here again…for at least another 4 years.  There are two subjects to refrain from while in the work place…politics and religion.  Both are very emotional subjects and are difficult to hold a difference of opinion between business leadership.  Normally I shy away from politics in business mainly due to my feelings that within the business environment, there is no good effective and value added place for it.  This posting however, is in reference to the election year and selecting who is the best person for the job that will aid or enhance the environment which will foster growth to the small business organization and economy overall.  Throughout this writing I will not take a side one way or the other as it is a personal decision based on your best knowledge.  This year is extremely important in that, the direction the business environment moves towards, could be greatly impacted by the people that are elected into office.  I say could be, as it takes a full Government functioning in the same direction and with the same agenda in mind. Yes, I did say full Government.  No matter who is President, given our government structure, one person cannot directly control the direction and decisions that are made, legislation passed, etc.  Their leadership and ability to guide the congress through decisions, and sustainable directional progress is the sole characteristic needed.  It is important to point out, and has been proven over the last couple years, with our current governmental structure and the agendas of our two party system, it is highly probable that absolutely nothing for the good of the country can be achieved if the two parties cannot come together and make a collective whole.

If you are like me, I feel a majority of the current information presented on TV commercials do not give a plan towards what lays ahead for the person working for the next term.  The current attitude is to simply point out what the opponent has done or is doing wrong both in performance and thought process.  While the terms “Middle Class” and “Small Business” seems to be spoken in every ad and from both directions, in the end, it boils down to what exactly their plan is.  What steps will either candidate actually take in order to spark the economy and build confidence?  History has proven that an extreme swing to one side or the other does not work for the good of the whole and will not provide a sustainable economic structure for small business growth.  So what works and what doesn’t?  Opinions vary depending on what economist you talk to.  No matter what, given the ever changing social structure along with the pace of technology, what once worked well may not work at all today.

It is very important no matter what way, or who you choose to vote for, you will most certainly have your business in mind and will vote in the direction you feel is in the best interest of you.  It is also important to bear in mind the effects on the community over all.  Once the winner is announced, we’re stuck.  There is no get right quick scheme regardless of who is doing the talking.  It will require a collective forward thinking congress as well, or little to no progress will be made.  More importantly, no matter what direction you choose to vote, make sure you have done the research.  You wouldn’t make a decision for your business unless you know the details behind the decision.  Yes, you can go on hear-say and conjecture, which is what the current candidates and their super pacs are hoping for.  This is what 90% of the current ads are producing.   If you want to make a better decision, do the research.  Investigate the negatives for validity.  If you don’t you will merely be following the fast talking salesman.   Also, do the research on the claims for future success.  While it is next to impossible to determine the details of any one persons’ plans, it is entirely possible to get educated opinions from trusted sources close to you…educated. 

You have a lot of time left to become educated in your decision.  Your business environment will be greatly effected regardless of who and what direction our electorates vote into office.  In the end however, no matter what…Go VOTE.

Stay Well

Scott B.


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